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CGM Publishing provides a number of quality resources for pastors and churches for personal and study group use. Contact us for information about ordering any of these books (also available as eBooks), including enquiries regarding bulk orders.


Living With You, Living With Me

by Kel Willis

Discover principles and applications to build healthier relationships within your church as we demonstrate with more integrity what it means to live together as God’s family. 


Clearing the Cobwebs

by Kel Willis

The church is only as vital and strategic as its individual members. Discover how the Christian life can be lived and enjoyed, and how we as God’s people can function effectively within His church.


Preaching for Impact

by Kel Willis

Many people are being turned off church these days due to preaching which is bland, purposeless and irrelevant. This book shows the contemporary preacher how to effectively bring key elements together in the process of sermon preparation and delivery. 


Escaping Mediocrity

by Kel Willis

Whilst it is true that some churches are static or in decline, there are many that are vibrant and growing. This book develops these principles that need to be embraced if lasting growth is to take place. 


The Experience Trap

by Kel Willis

Exploring the role of experience in faith, this book examines the nature and source of some current experience-centred movements and provides a biblical foundation for determining the validity of spiritual experiences. 

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