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'… that we might present everyone complete in Christ' Colossians 1:28

Our Vision

Christian Growth Ministries Inc (CGM) is an interdenominational and non-profit organisation. Our mission is to contribute to the life and growth of God’s people and to the church at large, wherever possible and with whatever means are at our disposal.

What We Do


Our focus is on equipping, training and encouragement. We believe that God is committed to His church. We therefore believe in the future of the church and are committed to contribute to its health and growth.


Our emphasis is on the necessity for understanding Bible principles for life and growth, both within the individual Christian and the local church. We believe that all aspects of Christian living, church life and evangelism are a consequence of understanding and appropriating the clear principles of Scripture.


We mentor and encourage the growth of vibrant, well-equipped leaders, who will in turn equip others through discipling and mentoring, as modelled by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2. 




The mission of Christian Growth Ministries (CGM) is to contribute to the life and growth of God’s people and to the church at large, wherever possible and with whatever means are at our disposal.

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Established in 1977 as a servant ministry to the churches, Christian Growth Ministries Inc was brought into being through the vision of a group of Christian leaders in Sydney.

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We have an executive Board of Directors drawn from a number of Sydney churches, all of whom are active and highly respected within their denomination. Meet our Director, Rev Kel Willis.

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Director, Christian Growth Ministries

Rev Kel Willis is an ordained Baptist minister with extensive experience in pastoral ministry, mentoring of pastors and emerging leaders, evangelism, itinerant Bible teaching and youth work.


As part of his international ministry, the Kel Willis International Student Fund has been established in partnership with Morling College to equip overseas students in Asia, Africa and the Pacific to undertake theological studies and become faithful disciples of Jesus in their own countries. He recently stepped down from his role as the Chair of Morling College after 32 years of service on the Board, and has been influential in the growth of the College to become the thriving training body it is today.


He is the author of a number of books including Clearing the Cobwebs, Escaping Mediocrity, The Experience Trap, Preaching for Impact and Living with You, Living with Me


Christian Growth Ministries Inc is a non-profit ministry under the Associations Incorporation Acts 1984 (Australia). We are a faith work, depending upon God to provide through His people the finance needed for staff and running expenses of the organisation. 

Our books are audited annually and copies of our audited statement are available upon request.


Your support helps CGM train and encourage well-equipped leaders, growing God’s people and the church at large.

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