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Strengthen Your Ministry Teams

by Kel Willis

Interact Magazine 1999

Volume 10 Number 2

  1. Spend time together regularly for relational benefits.

  2. Get together to pray for each other.

  3. Talk together about concerns or fears that have an impact on either your ministries or relationships.

  4. Don’t allow unresolved issues to remain – they won’t just go away!

  5. Be loyal and supportive of each other.

  6. Recognise and encourage each other’s giftedness.

  7. Seek to develop a servant heart.

  8. Ensure that each member of the team has a clearly stated and agreed job description.

  9. Embrace a shared vision.

  10. Constantly apply the ‘one another’s’ of Scripture.


The effectiveness of any team is 

only as good as that of 

its individual members.

© Kel Willis (1 July 1999)

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