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For churches looking for external review or requiring an impartial third party to become involved in a conflict situation, CGM offers consultancy and mediation services. 


CGM encourages churches to intentionally work through who they are and why they exist in their local community, and provides a Consultancy and Review process to help them focus on key issues. This process involves:

Teamwork makes the dream


Meetings with church leaders and the congregation.

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Bible Teaching

Bible teaching programs.

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Seminars on church health and growth targeting specific issues and the local church. 


For many people involved in conflict, mediation may be something new and relatively unknown. Mediation involves asking an impartial third party not connected with a conflict to become involved, to help the parties work together to make decisions about the conflict and how to move on. Christian mediation aims to do these things against the background of biblical principles, as well as seeking to address the issues between the parties. A further aim is to deal positively with ongoing relationships between the persons involved, to the extent that this is possible.

We don’t have a single rigid process, as each conflict is different. We always explain in advance the process we intend to use, and are happy to answer questions about the process. Examples of the kind of biblical principles we may raise include the following: ​​

  • each party being willing to own what is theirs to own in contributing to the conflict (Psalm 139:23,24; Matthew 7:5)
  • each party being truly open to seeing the other party’s point of view and looking to their interests as well (Philippians 2:3,4; 1 Corinthians 10:24)
  • each party being willing to ask for and offer forgiveness, if this is appropriate. (Colossians 3:13, Matthew 18:21-35)

Any information disclosed during any part of the mediation will be confidential, except if a party agrees otherwise, or if a matter arises requiring disclosure by law.


We do not have a set scale of fees, as each circumstance is different. Our heart is for the ministry of reconciliation, however we do believe that our services have a value to the Christian community, and that ‘the worker deserves his wages’ (Luke 10:7). The final fee would obviously depend on the nature and scale of the conflict and the financial resources of those involved. Our preference is always that an agreement on an hourly rate be agreed on in advance. 

If you have read this page because you are currently involved in a conflict, may we encourage you with the words of Paul: ‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone.’ (Romans 12:18) Sometimes this requires taking positive steps to make peace once harmony has broken down. If you believe mediation may assist you in making peace, we would be honoured to serve you in this way. 

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